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Melbourne protest for Gaza, July 19. 2014.

everyone fucking reblog #prayforgaza

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Racism 101: Understanding the dog whistles




Listen, when Republicans say “secure the border” what they’re really saying is “CLOSE the *southern* border”…as in 100% Completely. Seal. It. Off…to all the black and brown bodies

Please understand: they won’t be satisfied with anything less than that

No. No. No. They mean secure the border from illegal immigration. Not from black people or brown people or purple people or yellow or green. They mean make sure anyone coming through should legally be there. Not anyone banned from US territories, not anyone with drugs (though that is getting out of hand), not anyone with highly infectious diseases, or invasive species, or anything else that would be destructive. If you’re going to diss on Republicans, at least tell the truth. Lord knows there is a LOT of material.

You are 400% full of shit

So…human beings coming across the sOuThErN bOaRdEr are the ooonly ones with “infectious diseases” and “invasive species” and “destructive”???

Do I have that right?

Ok then…PLEASE do explain to me why BIRD FLU didn’t come to America via the dreaded southern boarder? That’s an “infectious disease” isn’t it?

OR could it be you didn’t bother to list any CONCRETE EXAMPLES to back up any of the utter bs you’re trying to sell because you don’t actually have any, you xenophobic piece of shit

And does it really matter if those starving little CHILDREN are bringing any diseases with them? They aren’t, but s2g I almost wish they were —I got all my vaccination shots up to date, but maybe some “infectious disease” would thin out some of those AMERICAN anti-vaxers who like exposing other people to their unvaccinated children’s diseases. Yeah, outbreaks of ~*completely preventable*~ diseases like whooping cough and measles didn’t come across the dreaded southern border…those came from right here in the U.S. of A. by willfully ignorant AMERICANS who refuse to vaccinate even their own children

SN: Guatemalan and South American children are far more likely to be completely vaccinated than children in Texas. In fact, measles outbreaks have resurged in some American cities. By contrast, according to the World Health Organization, neither Guatemala nor Honduras has had a reported case of measles since 1990

Blaming “infectious diseases” on immigrants and their children is a very old and a very racist trope. Try again, bigot

Moving on…what “invasive species” are you talking about? Specifically? Let me rephrase that —did you seriously mean to imply that after crossing a desert and nearly dying of heatstroke, starvation, thirst and dehydration, these little 8yr old KIDS somehow managed to keep a prohibited potted plant alive during their ordeal??? Does that sound completely absurd to you? Because if it doesn’t, it really should

And as far as drugs getting out of hand..? That’s a DEMAND driven business. As in *American* demand. But trust me, I really don’t think the child refugees and asylum seekers —who are literally seeking out uniformed border patrol agents to turn themselves in to when they finally make it here— I don’t think that they’re carrying drugs on them since that might put a kink in their asylum plans, so that’s another part of your bs “argument” shot down

And as far as “destructive”…I’ll remind you that none of the 9/11 hijackers crossed the southern border…they all lightened their skin & hair specifically because they *knew* simple minded racist assholes just like YOU would be busy perpetually staring at the southern border. Not even from this country, but they were fully aware of the depths of your “soft” racism and bigotry, and knew exactly how to use it against simps like you

And funny how we never seem to have these discussions about disease, invasive plants and drugs when WHITE Serbians, Russians or Cubans flee to America. 😒 Literally the *only* thing that magically makes people crossing the *southern* border more “infectious” or diseased than anyone else is your ignorance and racism. That’s all

FACT: The US/Mexico border is more secure today than it’s ever been at any point in American history, and anyone—ANYONE—willing to risk crossing a desert, sex trafficking, murder, enslavement, rape, torture, imprisonment and more…anyone who risks all of THAT deserves a fair shot at asylum and U.S. citizenship

They certainly couldn’t be any worse of a citizen than you appear to be

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I like messy people; people who don’t fit in a box or stay between the lines, but who’s integrity is greater than any rule book and who’s loyalty is stronger than blood.
Jim Wern (via anewrenaissanceman)

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To the people who wash their hands of us, of the voices with bruised knees and hearts banging in our chest too loudly to let us sleep, to those who walk with blinders on because it can’t be as bad as we say it is, to those who don’t believe,

Would you want your daughters grow up in this society?

Why is it that unless someone you love is staring down the barrel of a gun, you finally start to worry that it might be loaded? How is it possible that you have been surrounded by a constant chatter of voices saying “This world is cruel, and we have been broken,” but for some reason, you pride yourself on assuming we are wrong - god forbid someone be a “feminist,” not one of those, not those bitches

here is my feminist agenda, and it is a little girl on the streets of her city, and here are her rapists telling the police, “she looked older, she looked fifteen.” Here is more comments on what she was wearing than the smell of gasoline on their fingers, than the wounds they left on her and in her soul, here is my manifesto: I will not let there be any more stories about little girls.

I will not let there be stories about teenagers who are swallowing selfhatred and nothing else, I will not watch them be called sluts for dressing in shorts, I will not hear stories of girls who are burning themselves into nothing because their teachers refuse to use the correct pronouns, I will not let any person who defines themselves as a girl become a side note, a sex toy, a background dancer. I will protect their bodies and their souls and I will not let you buy them anymore, I will not let you lead them into the hellhole I walked out of. I will keep shouting the same thing, over and over: “Don’t listen to anything they tell you, it is who you are that makes you beautiful - and not anything they could sell you,” I will not let you infantalize them by assuming they “simply cannot” learn about sex without becoming “impure.” You will no longer put teens in their underwear across the front pages, I will not let you sexualize them any longer, they will be in movies for dialogue instead of silent romantic action.

Here is my goddamn manifesto: young women should not think that sexual assault “just happens” and is something everyone should expect. Their bosses should not be like the beefy 6-foot Tyler who asked me “Are you a slut? I bet you’re a slut,” in the middle of the office, their coworkers should not call them up at four in the morning and whisper dirty drunken things over the phone like my friend’s did. Young women should not believe that silence is the best option because it means they make no enemies and get to keep their job. You don’t believe it can be as bad as we say because are not under the assumption that every day, one item will be stolen from you. You would be horrified if that happened. Yet a million things are taken from women and it is constantly happening - every time a politician calls a college girl a “slut” for wanting birth control, every time we’re told our body has some mystical way of “shutting down that sort of thing” as pregnancy control, every time a lady gets turned down as C.E.O

You want my feminist rant? You want the bodies I have counted among the broken ones, our backs heavy with every slur you throw at us, our arms carrying your babies and your mistakes and your expectations and your fucking society that you made this way

you want my mani-fucking-festo? My riot act? The reason for all this anger I have? It’s because my best friend drank from the wrong glass. See, some asshole was trying to roofie a girl at a party my best friend happened to attend - he got drugged instead. And when he woke up, it was in somebody’s bed. And you wanna know something? They told him he should feel lucky because he got laid, at least. He remembers nothing from that night. Not one single thing.

And my best friend? My best friend will never see justice for this, because rape is a joke. It doesn’t really happen unless the girl is asking for it. Rape is seen as the attack in the alley. Rape is not close, it’s not home, it’s not a broken bone that never sets for you. Rape is not a sore subject to you because your friend has not wept bitterly about her abortion she was forced into after her boyfriend raped her without a condom. Your friends are largely safe, and the ones that haven’t been have kept silent. You don’t have a sister so you never feared for her life just because she went out into the city late at night.

But you might have a daughter. Tell me you’d laugh about feminism then, tell me you’d really think it’s such a fucking joke when you realize you haven’t been fighting the way the world works. And now she’s going to grow up with the same war wounds you have ignored in everyone else, the same silenced battle cry, the same downcast eyes and shrinking spine and splinters in more places than you could ever pick out and it won’t happen at sixteen years old it won’t happen at eleven

it happens before she is born. You will be in the toy aisle of the store and you will look around you to the guns and army men and violence of boys and suddenly notice the soft pink wilting flowers that you are supposed to buy for your girl

and when that happens, when you realize that the world you have laughed at has now become her battle: do still you want us to be too quiet to disturb your sleep when that happens? Or do you want to hear our feet, stamping in the distance, fire in our hands and scales too thick to pierce through, mouths full of teeth and the bones of bullies we have chewed through, hand in hand and ready for her, ready to fight for her right to breathe the same air that you did - ready to make sure she still has some sort of a fighting chance even though you never stood up when we asked for help because you just made a “dirty feminist” joke and went to bed assuming we all shared your laughter

but I don’t care if you are the scum of the earth.
She cannot control her father.
Whomever she is, I swear to god
I’ll protect her.

A boy asked me if I was one of “those” feminists who believed in rape culture and when I agreed instantly, he chuckled and asked “What, are you afraid I’m gonna rape you?” /// r.i.d (via inkskinned)
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Muttation \myü-ˈtā-shən\ noun : a change in the genes of a plant or animal that causes physical characteristics that are different from what is normal

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English Bulldog puppy at the sea


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No but hear me out.

Laverne Cox as Wonder Woman


you called? (x|x)

This. Please. Like 100000000x


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I don’t get why everyone seems to be under the impression that feminists hate men.

That’s not true at all! We love men!

…Well, not ALL men.

I told myself I’d reblog this when I got home if it was still funny.

It was.

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We have been called “a lost generation…[not] giving birth to anything new” and “too quiet, too online.” In fact the opposite is true. There is a deafening roar in cyberspace. If a presidential election can be won through the support of an online movement, if articles and ideas can reach tens of millions of people overnight, and create a four-thousand person discussion, if YouTube can receive 200,000 new videos a day, then being “too quiet” and “too online” is the opinion of someone who doesn’t understand what it means to be online. Not creating anything new and not being loud enough are not our problems. So why the disrespect from the famous 60s generation? Because we aren’t doing what they want us to do.

Most of us were born after the end of the Cold War or were too young to remember it. The political climate we grew up in was one of supreme hypocrisy. One President nearly got impeached for a superficial sex scandal and then another later broke international laws to preemptively start a war without UN support and was re-elected to serve 2 full terms without so much as a breath of legal retribution.

The problem my generation faces is inheriting a world that baffles us: a world of hypocrisy and crisis; a world on the brink of collapse yet at the height of human civilization.

Imagine for a moment being one of us. Taught in school that all people are created equal, that all countries are sovereign, that freedom, democracy, and capitalism are embraced by all people and nations because they are ultimate ideals that allow us to prosper and live as we choose in the pursuit of happiness. Old enough to read the New York Times online and blog on Huffington Post, we see a very different world. Equality? Not for the poor, not for LGBT. Capitalism? It appears to have been a house of cards recklessly constructed by greed for the benefit of a few. Sovereignty? Not for resource-poor or oil-rich countries. Ideals? Not for the media or our political and business leaders.

Now we must navigate a world where a concentration of power, wealth, and media often conflicts with every ideal the Western world is supposed to stand for. If you think we are too quiet and too online you should consider that we have two choices. One, to accept the values we were taught to believe in and totally redefine and reconstruct the way our government/economy/society works so that these ideals match reality. Or two, to accept the world we live in and think up a new set of values to justify our lives.

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I’m so angry. I will stay angry.